Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bunnies 11/19/2009

Playlist for Bunnies in Space 11/19/2009
Host: Admiral Bun
*New Release
Artst - Song - Album

White Fang - My Invisible Handz - Pure Evil
The Capstan Shafts - The Day You Called Me Pretty - Chick Cigarettes
*Lymbyc System - TrIchromatic - Shutter Release
*Washed Out - Feel It All Around - Life of Leisure EP

P:ano - Trouble Ahead - Ghost Pirates Without Heads
*Pants Yell! - Rue De LA Paix - Received Pronunciation
*El Perro Del Mar - Change of Heart - Love is Not Pop
*Cole - Never Going Back - Gifts

Julianna Barwick - Choose - Florine
*Matias Aguayo - Menta Latte - Ay Ay Ay
Ariel Pink - Gray Sunset - The Doldrums

Predator Vision - This City's a Jungle - II

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Tooth Decay - Eating Us
*King Khan & BBQ Show - Third Avenue - King Khan & BBQ Show
No Kids - Bluster in the Air - Come Into My House

*Tickley Feather - Trashy Boys -Hors D'oeuvres
Boys IV Men - The Bomb Dot Com - Gold Plated Gold
*Cold Cave - The Trees Grew Emotions and Died - Love Comes Close
Joe Hisaishi - A Little Monster - -My Neighbor Totoro OST

Pants Yell! - Two French Sisters - Alison Statton
Dear Nora - You Looked Like a Portrait - We'll Have a Time
*Atlas Sound - Walkabout (With Noah Lennox) - Logos
High Places - Vision's the First...- High Places

Bunnies in Space theme song by zacheh


· About 30 students stormed UCLA’s Campbell Hall and barricaded the doors with chains and bike locks early this morning to protest a student fee increase that is expected to be endorsed by the University of California’s Board of Regents today.
· TONIGHT: Film screening of The Yes Men Fix the World. Get your culture jamming fix at HIB 100 at 7pm.
· Show Tuesday: Railcars, Bobby Birdman, Little Teeth, Wonder Wheel, and Guy Fantastico. It's going to be such a party! More at Acrobatics Everyday.

Click for FB event page.

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