Thursday, September 27, 2012


One of those nights.

If you haven't heard, I'm back on the air this quarter: Thursdays 6-8am! Back to my original timeslot from over three years ago. I'm excited to be up while it's still dark and quiet and there aren't many other cars on the street. I'm excited for people different than me--people who are up that early on their own, for work, in a different time zone, or whatever--to be listening. It's a good time to be alone with the music, and really hear it. I missed that having a later show where you know everyone is awake and doing something and listening with the baggage of an entire day behind them. Music does something different at that time of the morning. It's definitely going to be a different kind of show than what you heard in the pm timeslots. Maybe I'll try to sneak a couple recordings up here for a bit, or maybe you'll just have to catch it by chance on your drive home from an all-nighter, on the way to your 9-5, or when you wake up from a bad dream.

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