Wednesday, December 21, 2011

PLAYLIST FOR 12/21/2011

the first ever 100% holiday themed edition of bunnies in space!

Parenthetical Girls - If It's A Time for Christmas - A Parenthetical Girls Family Christmas
Jens Lekman - Pocketful of Money - Oh You're So SIlent Jens
*Sea Lions - I Should Be Sleeping - Everything You Wanted to Know About the Sea Lions But Were Afraid to Ask
Mice Parade - Snow - Mice Parade

Lake - Christmas Island - Let's Build a Roof
Sufjan Stevens - Star of Wonder - Christmas, Vol. V: Peace!
California Snow Story - My Life Is Only a Daydream - Close to the Ocean

Asobi Seksu - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) - Season's Greetings
Vivian Girls - I Believe in Nothing - Vivian Girls
Parenthetical Girls - Do You Fear What I Fear? - A Parenthetical Girls Family Christmas
Ren and Stimpy - Gilden Yak's Shaving Day (Excerpt) - [Youtube]

Go Cozy - Fruit Flies - Glimmer
Belle & Sebastian - Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me - Peel Christmas Party
The Microphones - My Warm Blood - The Glow, Pt. 2
Of Montreal - You've Got a Gift - Cherry Peel

The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song - [Single]
John Maus - Too Much Money - Love is Real
P:ano - I Felt His Presents/Doing the Can-Can - Ghost Pirates Without Heads
Tiger Trap - You're Sleeping - Tiger Trap
N.K. & Jewlz feat. Rudy - Christmas (What's It All About?) - [Youtube]

The Pipettes - A Winter's Sky - We Are the Pipettes
[REQ] The Halo Benders - Snowfall - God Don't Make No Junk

Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - Christmas Anthem - Southern Journey, Vol. 9: Harp of a Thousand Strings
Cuffs - Privilege - Demo
Brigitte Bardot - Mister Sun (Le Soleil) - Show
The Hidden Cameras - I Believe In the Good of Life - Mississauga Goddam
Parenthetical Girls - Festive Friends Forever - A Parenthetical Girls Family Christmas

*The Drums - Money - Portamento
The Unicorns - Abominable Snowman - XFM Sessions
Belle & Sebastian - I Took Some Time for Christmas - Peel Christmas Party

Gang of Four - Return the Gift - Entertainment!
The Field Mice - White - Snowball + Singles

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