Thursday, September 22, 2011


Our buddies over at KDVS are starting a monthly tape subscription on their station record label. How rad is that? From their site:

The KDVS-Recordings CassetteOfTheMonth subscription club starts in October 2011 and ends in July 2012 spanning *10* cassettes mailed out one-per-month.

Each cassette will be a split between one 'local' musician/band (davis/sacramento) and one 'out-of-town' musician/band attempting to make connections between what is going on in microcosmically within our immediate music scene and what is going on with other artists outside direct contact but in similar musical realms/with similar musical ideas. Each tape will also feature a physical artist that will create work for the cover. Generally somewhat experimental/'weird' music involved but also super eclectic within that realm.

More info here!

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