Thursday, April 15, 2010



Ghana High Life and Other Popular Music - Awuben - Ghana High Life and Other Popular Music
My Little Airport - Josephine's Shop - The OK Thing to Do on Sunday Afternoon is Toddle in the Zoo
M. Ward - Fool Says - Transfiguration of Vincent
Jonathan Richman - Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild - Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild
Montag - Bonne Nuit Etienne - See You On The Moon! Songs for Kids of All Ages
Beirut - Brandenburg - Gulag Orkestar
Elephant Parade - For You - Bedroom Recordings

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - The Sound of Someone You Love Who's Going Away and It Doesn't Matter - Music from the Penguin Cafe
Pants Yell! - Go Big Blue - Songs for Siblings
High Places - The Storm - High Places

Mount Eerie - The Intimacy of the World Within the World - No Flashlight
Julianna Barwick - Bode - Florine
The Airfields - Yr So Wonderful - Up All Night
No Kids - For Halloween - Come Into My House


Yoshitake Expe - Whoever Images - Invisible Duo
Silk Flowers - Night Shades - Silk Flowers
Infinite Body - Drive Dreams Away - Carve Out the Face of My God

Javelin - World MIDI Classics Vol. 2 - Luaka Bop Podcasts
Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhosle - Sara Shaher Mein - The Rough Guide to Bollywood Legends: Lata Mangeshkar

*Dum Dum Girls - Put a Sock in It - Captured Tracks
Vivian Girls - Gone (Chantels cover) - Single
Colorpulse - Carl Sagan - Glorious Dawn (ft. Stephen Hawking)
Growing - Innit - All the Way
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Sunday St - Graceland EP

The Microphones - Lanterns - Song Islands
Langston Hughes - Dream Montage (Excerpt) - Naaal Audio Companion II
Blackblack - Algorythx and Gurantaxtaxq - Blackblack
Gui Boratto - Shebang - Chromophobia
*Mux Mool - Dandelion - Skulltaste

Alan Watts - Who is the Thinker Behind the Thoughts - Out of Your Mind Disc 7: The World As Just So
The Radio Dept - Against the Tide - Lesser Matters
Matrix Metals - Ray Ban Meltdown - Flamingo Breeze

Tan Dollar - The Turning Point - Your Body as a Temple
*The Bundles - Klutter - The Bundles
Fuzzy Knuckles - After the Wave - Fuzzy Knuckles
.Tape. - Movement 3: Seascaping Monthly - Sea Scaping Monthly in 4 or 5 Movements

Wonder Wheel - Body 4 - Untouchables
Jason the Swamp - Chillybones - Jason the Swamp

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