Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There is going to be a UCI basketball game again this week during the show, so here's a little sampler to tie you over until next week.

The theme of this mix is the Interplanetary Transport Network. The ITN is the group of pathways that allow travel through our solar system without much energy. Says Wikipedia, "The transfers are so low-energy that they make travel to almost any point in the solar system possible. On the downside, these transfers are very slow, and only useful for automated probes."

I Heart Lung - The Perennial Affair - Between Them A Forest Grew, Trackless And Quiet
Lullatone -Coloring - Computer Recital
Mount Eerie - You Swan, Go On - Lost Wisdom
Dan Friel - Horse Heaven - Ghost Town
Kites Sail High - Sunrise At the Duck Pond
Arrington De Dionyso - Tenaga Halusinasi - Malaikat Dan Singa
Tan Dollar - Ice Palace -Your Body As a Temple
Kemialliset Ystävät - Kuuma Tomu - Kellari juniversumi
Broadcast - I Found the End - Tender Buttons

This is how I imagine the experience, if it could exist, of a probe in the great cosmic ocean. Think about quietness, empty spaces, taking your time with things.

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