Monday, December 14, 2009

bunnies 12/10/2009

Playlist for Bunnies in Space 12/10/2009
Thanks to Britney for subbing!
Song, Artist, Album

Agoraphobia, Deerhunter, Microcastle
Quik Canal, Altlas Sound, Logos
Turtle Island, Beach House, Devotions

Tokyo Glasgow, The Pastels/ Tenniscoasts, Two Sunsets
Kettering, The Antlers, Hospice
I Wish I Was A Pony, Felix, Youre The One I Pick

Queenie The Doggie, Daniel Johnston, Is And Always Was
Anecdote, Ambulance LTD, LP
Blue Monday, Flunk, For Sleepyheads Only
St. Augustine, Band Of Horses, Everything All The Time
House Of Diamonds, Bowerbirds, Upper Air

Meorial Day, Drew Danburry, This COuld Mean Trouble You Dont Speak For The CLub
Little Garcon, Born Ruffians, Red, Yellow & Blue
Toothpaste Kisses, The Maccabees, Colour It In

what You Cant See, Cyptacize, Mythomania
Hands, The Dutchess & The Duke, Sunsets/ Sunrise
Black Water, Edward Shapre And The Magnetic Zeros, Up From Below
Oh No, Dr. Dog, Easy Beat
Going Out When Its Warm At Ngiht, That Ghost, Young Fridays

Standing At The Station, Ty Segall, Lemons
The Start Of Something, Voxtrot, Raised By Wolves
Wake Up, The Walkmen, Everyone Who Pretends To Like Me Is Gone
Errand Of Tongue, Holiday Shores, Columbus'd The Whim

Bros, Panda Bear, Person Pitch

I will be back this Thursday to do my show! Fall programming continues for the next few weeks, then it's a new schedule for Winter quarter in January.

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